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You can meet with our attorneys at no cost. We do not charge a fee for the initial consultation.

Estate Planning SErvices

People are sometimes surprised to learn that without a Will or a Trust, the state government will direct who receives your assets and who will raise and care for your minor children, if something were to happen to you.  With some simple planning, you can make those decisions for yourself and insure that you decide what is best for your family. You can meet with the head of our estate planning department at no cost. We do not charge a fee for the consultation. We believe you should make decisions with the proper information and that should not come at a cost to you.

Understanding that most people are not experts in estate planning, we provide our clients with step by step instructions on how to effectively utilize their estate plans. We have also developed a Legacy Plan Guide which combines your unique estate plan with step by step instructions to your family who will need to put the plan into motion. We will never simply draft documents and send you on your way. Not only do we want it to be easy on you, we want it to be as easy on your family as possible when the time comes.

When people think of estate planning, they often think of setting up a Will. However, a Trust is a very useful and effective tool with people preparing their estate plans. We used to think that only the mega-wealthy needed a Trust but that is simply no longer the case.  Trusts can replace your Will, avoid having to go through probate, as well as help manage property you own during your lifetime. Trusts are tailored to fit your needs and the needs of your family.

A significant benefit of a Trust is that it enables your beneficiaries to avoid the probate process if something were to happen to you.  Without a Trust, the county court would have to review, scrutinize and finally order the distribution of your assets upon your passing. With a Trust, your assets would pass immediately to your beneficiaries without having to go through the long, expensive process known as “probate”. The most common example would be parents setting up a trust to hold their property on behalf of their children. If their home is owned by their trust, upon the death of both parents, the home goes directly to their children without having to go through the probate process.

We are members of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys

Business Law

Starting a new business, acquiring an existing business, or maintaining your current business can seem like daunting tasks.  It is exciting and yet, sometimes intimidating.  Whatever the case may be, our attorneys have done it and we are here to help you.

There are so many factors to be considered in choosing a business entity.  You must consider what type of entity will offer legal protection from liability; what type of entity will offer the best tax advantages; what type of entity will enable you to grow the business along with so many other questions.

Our law firm has assisted countless people who faced the same questions and emerged with successful, productive businesses.  Whether you need us to help you start the business you always wanted to be part of or acquire the business you always thought would be a great asset to take over, we can help.  Sometimes assisting clients in their business dealings is simply drafting the correct documents needed at that time; but, many times it is so much more.  We work toward establishing lasting relationships with our clients, not just performing fee generating services.  Let us assist you with your business needs today.

real Estate

Buying and selling real property can be an enjoyable experience or it can be a challenge.  Many times, the knowledge and experience of your legal counsel dictates how the transaction concludes.  Protecting your interests, regardless of whether you are buying or selling, is the sole concern of our attorneys.  

We pride ourselves on thorough title searches and inspections of contracts, title records, and bank documents to ensure a positive outcome at closing.

We also offer the option to our clients to use our patented closing software known as OSCAR.  With OSCAR you can receive real time email notifications as each step toward your closing is accomplished.  However, if high-tech isn't your cup of tea, we still use the good, old-fashioned telephone!

Our firm can make the difference in your next closing.  Our attorneys are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable in state and local laws and do all things possible to ensure a smooth transaction.


Asset Protection

Protect you and your company from asset-endangering lawsuits, creditors, and any third party. Our process is simple, yet thorough in every way. Once we make sure there are no lawsuits or efforts to attach to you or your assets at the time of our consultation, we proceed expeditiously and completely to set about the kind of planning you need to make sure your valuable assets are completely safe.

By using our strategy to shelter your business or property, we make sure that anything you have acquired can be protected. Don’t leave your family’s future in a lurch when you could provide bulletproof protection with a few simple meetings with our top-notch attorneys.




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