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Areas of Practice


Estate Planning SErvices

Did you know if you were to pass away without the proper documentation and planning in place, the state courts would dictate to whom your assets would go and who would care for your minor children?  

Get effective and fair estate planning and real estate services when you call Lutzel Broadway & Associates in Charlotte, Concord and Lake Norman, North Carolina, at (855) 494-7016. We put more than 52 years of experience to work for you every time.

Make a positive, enforceable, and solid plan for the future of your estate with our expert attorney services. We provide A-to-Z estate planning representation, including the drafting of trusts and last wills and testaments.

Utilizing our exceptional experience and training, we'll help you determine what type of trust works best for your plans, whether your needs are quite complex or incredibly simple. We maximize state and federal allowances to create the most efficient estate plan possible. Once we know what your goals and needs are, we work with you to formulate a formidable plan of action.

Business Law

Care for your company with business law and asset protection services by calling Lutzel Broadway & Associates in Charlotte and Lake Norman, North Carolina, at (855) 494-7016. We know how to forge powerful legal assurances that keep your business safe.

Set up your company right or make the best business structure changes with the advice of our knowledgeable and skillful attorney services. We make it a point to actually listen to our clients while we determine the necessary course of action and what business structures or responses are most appropriate.

Get the most efficient and worthwhile tax relief right here with us. We determine how to protect your personal property and assets from business matters, as well as how to best assist you in planning for a potential business catastrophe or the eventual sale of your business.

real Estate

Buying and selling real property can be an enjoyable experience or it can be a challenge.  Many times, the knowledge and experience of your legal counsel dictates how the transaction concludes.  Protecting your interests, regardless of whether you are buying or selling, is the sole concern of our attorneys.  

We pride ourselves on thorough title searches and inspections of contracts, title records, and bank documents to ensure a positive outcome at closing.

We also offer the option to our clients to use our patented closing software known as OSCAR.  With OSCAR you can receive real time email notifications as each step toward your closing is accomplished.  However, if high-tech isn't your cup of tea, we still use the good, old-fashioned telephone!

Our firm can make the difference in your next closing.  Our attorneys are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable in state and local laws and do all things possible to ensure a smooth transaction.


Asset Protection

Protect you and your company from asset-endangering lawsuits, creditors, and any third party. Our process is simple, yet thorough in every way. Once we make sure there are no lawsuits or efforts to attach to you or your assets at the time of our consultation, we proceed expeditiously and completely to set about the kind of planning you need to make sure your valuable assets are completely safe.

By using our strategy to shelter your business or property, we make sure that anything you have acquired can be protected. Don’t leave your family’s future in a lurch when you could provide bulletproof protection with a few simple meetings with our top-notch attorneys.




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We at Lutzel Broadway know that finding the right attorney to represent you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.